Collection: Rock 'n' Glam

Every element has its place and seems to play its part in a greater whole. 
The round elements of “Rock ‘n’ Glam” line up together like tires, wheels and hub caps: technical and symmetrical, they’re bursting with power–loud but structured and clearly rhythmic, like the bass line in a rock song.
However, the collection’s massiveness is countered by its brilliance, like a melody that you can’t get out of your head; here, the boundaries between jewelry, clothing and body disappear. The “metal mesh” allows everything to flow together, surrounding and melding with the body to create a form. This is jewelry that looks as precise as technology and as massive and invulnerable as armor; at the same time, its subtle shimmer seems as sensitive as one’s own skin.
It glitters visibly but only at a second glance. The chains are as well-defined and functional as machines, a beauty made of form and function: a timeless principle and reminiscent of centuries of developments in the aesthetics of chains and links.
Thus, “Rock ‘n’ Glam” is a collection that serenely explains itself in terms of itself. It’s a glamour that seems self-explanatory and without the need to perform. Brought up to date for today’s fashion, the result is a statement that neither hides nor pushes itself forward. “Rock ‘n’ Glam” is simply in a place defined by the woman who wears it. Subtle sparkles are sexy; rhinestones remain restrained, their colors subjecting themselves to the effect of the metal. They’re cool, whether silver or aged brass, and they’re without any frills, self-confident and definite.