Collection: Art Deco Oriental

“Art Deco Oriental” is jewellery from another world. Perhaps it comes from a fantasy film with a super-heroine in the lead role who is “dazzling” in the truest sense of the word: fantastic and formidable, sexy and splendid. In this empire, “Art Deco Oriental” is all the rage, a design that not only adorns but also provides an identity, like a suit of shining armour that makes you invincible.
Dominated by Art Deco designs, the collection brings symbols and stylistic elements of various cultures and eras together. They are melded into a mystical, almost oriental ornamentation formed entirely from rhinestones. But rather than celebrating a faded splendour, the “cheeky” combination of elements exudes the insouciance and decisiveness of an up-to-date heroine who defines conventions rather than follows them. 
The jewellery’s stark Art Deco style creates a sense of nobility and distance. And still, somehow, the jewellery is not iconic and rigid; to the contrary, it’s lively and filled with an almost overflowing energy that needs to be let loose. In the realm of fantasy, any identity is possible: a hard-rock princess, an intergalactic warrior queen, an Amazonian diva.

The collection’s charm lies in the possibilities that this energy opens up for completely different looks: depending on your mood and the occasion, it can either “restrain” or “unleash.”